The West Essex Golf Academy


The West Essex Golf Academy provides an excellent opportunity for players, beginners and coaches to work together to develop their skills and expertise, and over time provide a focal point for the development of coaching and education in Essex.

This allows all skill levels of golfer to benefit from the Academy Professional’s knowledge; from those never holding a club before, to those with dreams of carving a career within the game!

Lesson Tarifs

One Hour Lesson - £55

30 Minute Lesson - £35.00

Package of 3 One Hour Lessons - £120

Package of 6 One Hour Lessons - £200

9 Hole Playing Lesson (1-3 people) - £99

Golf Round Assessment - £40

Junior 30 Minute Lesson - £15

Golf Clinics – Roll up sessions £10 per person

One Hour Corporate Golf Clinic - Call for a price based on your requirements

Neuro Linguistic Programming 

Chris Baron – Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis. His work at all levels of golf is unquestionable.

His development of the mental side of golf has helped tour players to leading tour victories and huge earnings in their respected tours. Chris in his own right has been a respected author, contributing to 4 years of teaching articles for a leading golf magazine. Developed his personal portfolio in Fitness, Nutrition and Success coaching.

He was awarded a Fellowship of the PGA in 2005 for his contribution to golf and his personal commitment to player development is without doubt outstanding.  Chris now works with leading sports scientist in world golf and the access for all players to this support mechanism is unique in itself.

Functional Movement Screen 

The FMS screen is made up of 7 fundamental movements:


1. Deep Squat

2. Hurdle Step

3. Inline Lunge

4. Shoulder Mobility

5. Active Straight-Leg Raise

6. Trunk Stability Push-Up

7. Rotary Stability


Your ability to perform these are judged on a scale of 0-3 and this score is calculated and analysed to help you and your coach create the perfect program for you.

What is FMS?

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a screening tool designed to identify movement disfunction.


Developed in 1997 to help understand what is the best development exercise path for an individual. It was not developed as a test but a way to find out what areas of movement need improvement.


How can FMS help me?


FMS shows your coach or trainer which of your basic movement is disfunction, this helps them to create a personalised plan to help you improve your game.

Pilates for Golf

Pilates for Golfers’ offers you a specially adapted exercise programme that will help you to optimise your performance and improve your game.

It will enable you to:

  • become more body aware

  • improve swing efficiency and consistency and build core strength, enabling you to hit the ball farther

  • reduce the risk of injury, prolonging your golfing career

  • improve your general health and well being

Chris Baron

FPGA, ABNLP, TLT, ABH, Trackman Level 3 Instructor, FMS Instructor

Head PGA Professional at West Essex Golf Club


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